Why Benchmark Your Gaming Device is Necessary and How to Do it?

By | April 6, 2020

Why Benchmark your Gaming Device is Necessary and How to Do it?

Whether you buy a device, laptop, desktop, different computer hardware or your smartphone – of course, you always want to have the best performance, so that your money can be a real value.

Before you buy a device, look at its specification, read comments from previous users, review reviews of the device from YouTube or various websites, and want to know the benchmark scorer for more in-depth details.

Almost every device and every computer hardware available in today’s market has different benchmarking score charts, but what exactly does benchmarking mean? How important it really is, let’s discuss this topic in detail.

Benchmark your Gaming Device

What is the Benchmark your Gaming Device?

I discussed in detail about the requirements and dependencies of benchmarking in an earlier article, I can call this article an extended version of an earlier article, I have discussed many more issues here.

Benchmark your gaming device refers to doing a test, where some standards are used to measure the performance of a device or hardware. In fact, anything can be benchmarked, whether computing is relatable or not, as can be benchmarked by anyone.

But benchmarking in the computing world means comparing the speed or performance of a device, hardware, or specific component. Benchmarking of any software program and an internet connection can be done.

Hardware, computer or smartphone performance testing is typically used in software, which performs performance tests using one method after another and presents a result.

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Benchmarking a computer

When benchmarking a computer, all its hardware performance is checked, such as how many processors or GPUs it is able to handle commands, how fast it is encrypting or decrypting data, how much RAM is transferring random data to speed, hard drive speeds, How do you find, how to perform common software from the computer S is available, the graphics card is able to provide much framerate – including a series of tests were run.

In the case of smartphones, a software-based test of everything, such as the phone’s RAM, processor, GPU, various sensors, cameras, etc., is run and a final score is generated accordingly.

heaven benchmark is a very popular term for smartphones, as almost every phone review compares a different phone with this score, and we ourselves compare the performance of friends’ phones with that score.

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Why is it necessary to run the benchmark?

Benchmarking provides a performance score for any hardware or software or any computing device, and it is much easier to compare two devices or hardware using a score.

But now it has become a trend, you can say, everyone is benchmarking so you or I do – a lot of things like that. However, benchmarks are often required to test how well hardware promises in their advertising and how much performance is actually available.

Because real-life performance can be different under different conditions, but still a rough idea, no matter how much workload the device or hardware will take on a specific task.

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For example, suppose you plan to install a high-end video game-like “Fortnite Game–Royal rumble in action” on your computer. In that case, you must benchmark your computer to see if the game runs on your system.

In fact, benchmark software places an almost equal amount of workload on your system based on the real task, 5% unsure of this stress test, but 5% correct idea, whether your computer/smartphone will run such a high-end game.

Computer, CPU, GPU, and RAM benchmark scores are required; by searching online you can easily get a benchmarking score from one hardware to another, allowing you to get a rough idea of ​​the performance of different model hardware.

You can benchmark your internet connection to see if your ISP promises to give you as much speed as you can.

You may want to check bandwidth speed, test ping rate or latency and compare them with different factors.

You can easily understand whether the ISP is throttling your bandwidth. But if you get really low speeds, then “Increase your internet speed!” – You can read this article, in which I have discussed 100% effective methods. Plus, there are lots of games with benchmarks 2019!  Nowadays, the steam benchmark is also quite necessary for the steamers!

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How to do benchmarking?

There are many free software tools online that you can use to benchmark your gaming device or computer hardware and smartphones.

One of the best tools for computers is Novabench – a free tool that is capable of checking CPUs, GPUs, RAMs, hard drives, etc. on Windows and Mac computers.

They also have a results page, where you can compare your score to a different computer score.

 There are also many other free tools, such as 3DMark, CINEBENCH, Prime95, PCMark, Geekbench, and SiSoftware Sandra. You can use Speedtest.net or fast.com to benchmark your internet speed.

Many tools for benchmarking a smartphone will be available in the Play Store or App Store. You can run benchmarking tests using free apps like AnTuTu, Quadrant Standard Edition, Basemark OS II, Geekbench 3, NenaMark2, Vellamo Mobile Benchmark, 3DMark Sling Shot Benchmark – and more.

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How to do benchmarking

There is also some software for free benchmark test available in the marketplace!

The performance of all things is checked on a smartphone like a PC, but there are some different things, like memory card read/write speed, which is similar to hard drive testing on a computer.

Here the speed of the memory card is measured in megabytes/second, the fastest results available as good performance can be expected from the phone.

Some benchmarking apps, such as AnTuTu, check the device’s database read/write speed, a low score here may mean a reduction in the device’s overall performance.

We will be publishing an article on the best benchmark games 2019 very soon!  There are lots of games with built-in benchmarks 2019. FIFA 20: The world of Football is an extreme example of an amazing game!

The importance of benchmark your gaming device

In fact benchmarking is a good thing, it can easily be compared to the performance of any device or hardware. Depending on the bat benchmarking result, it is not advisable to judge any device or hardware by 5%.

The performance of a device can be different on the benchmark and different in real life for different users, and there is also a matter of saying the device price point.

Good hardware is used on more expensive devices, and accordingly, the lower device score should not be compared, nor does it mean that any device score low cannot be used anymore.

Benchmarking can only give an idea, but the device cannot judge 5%. When focusing on a particular computing task, such as gaming, video editing, or whatever, it is important, benchmarking can make it a good idea.

But everyday computing needs, gaming, browsing, etc. can be different, where benchmarking just shows how performance can be achieved at an extreme level.

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Benchmark versus stress testing

Stress testing and benchmark testing is much the same thing, but their terms are different. Benchmarking measures how much speed hardware or device performs by performing performance tests, but stress testing helps determine how much workload it is capable of taking before a device or hardware breaks completely. Overwatch Game is a nice example of benchmarking issues.

Two things have different importance. For example: benchmarking a GPU will help you understand how smoothly a particular video game is going to be.

On the other hand, by doing stress testing, you will know how much workload you are able to take before the GPU is completely stopped, and from this result, you will know how far you have been able to overclock the GPU.

So do you like buying benchmarking results before buying a new phone or laptop, or is it worth it to you, or are you a fan of benchmarking?

Comment below and tell us everything in detail, why you value benchmark your gaming device or not!

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