The surge–The hardest game ever!

By | April 3, 2020

I’ve been on non-paid leave for several days now. Due to various problems arising at home, I could not download any new games.

The surge game was on the PC for a long time, so I started playing it without being lazy. I usually play Battlefield 4,1 in empty time but I started playing this game because of internet problems.

The story of the game is very common, the kind of story you will see in many Hollywood movies. And since I have seen so many stories, I did not go for a new spoiler.

The surge
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Why I liked The surge!

I like the game because of its weird action. Just as wonderful action is the background music of the awesome game.

If your computer is not high-end it will not try to play this game. Because the game is not very optimized for graphics, the game cannot be played with low-end graphics.

By the way, the game’s graphics work will surprise you a lot. When you look at the small details, you have to wonder how it is possible to do such a fine job!

These graphics are bound to make you quite surprised! Now let’s get back to the original … Now let’s say exactly why I’m writing reviews for this game …

In fact, this is the Sci-Fi version of Legendary Dark Souls. At each stage of the game, you will save and checkpoints in just one world. That means you’re doing a mission and the game is saved at a certain point in the game, of that safe house type. And this is not a simple battle royale game!

The hardest gameplay ever!

If you die after thirty minutes of exiting, The surge will start from that old safe house. Long before we played the known IGI project, they have realized this problem from bone to bone.

In fact, this is not a matter of chance but you will actually die in every aspect of this game. And you die thousands of times in this game, your father can’t save.

If you think there is no way to reduce the game’s defaults, there is no alternative. Believe me, I usually play any game in hard mode.

So the first game seemed quite challenging, but now I have lost my patience.

I used to think of myself as a great gamer before, but this game has enabled me to understand my experience. I was wondering why companies make such difficult games.

Anyway, did you know that learning esport in a part of education right now?

however, I was thinking of uninstalling this game but I think again if I lose this way I will lose to myself.

The game has upset me physically and mentally, I can’t swallow or growl. I couldn’t find any tutorial or gameplay or cheat code on the internet.

Every time I die, I’m walking a little to cool my head, not talking too much to the housemates.

Final reminder!

Don’t know when this The surge game will end. As the game progresses, the enemy becomes clever and powerful. What else can I say about this problem! The reason for doing this post is to raise awareness.

I will not recommend everyone to play. Start playing the game only if you are very experienced and have patience.

Stay healthy, be good, thanks.

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