Overwatch Game–be the Last Legend!

By | February 24, 2020

There isn’t any gamer who doesn’t like some flashy stuff alongside some bad ass action. Overwatch is a game which combines both the style and action. Maybe just by following all the characters and their backstory would take someone into a whole new world of fantasy. 

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Choose your own story in Overwatch Game

All the cinema cut scenes and character backstories make all the Overwatch game characters even more influential in player choice. It’s a next gen Sci-fi like battle game which is more like a CS-GO version with so many fantasy stuff. 

The Overwatch game itself has been popular from the moment they have launched their cinematic trailers with the game characters in it. That cinematics contains the reason for the game plots and why the battle would take part.  

As a guardian to protect the world from the enemies of destruction, players have to destroy them to claim peace and harmony. The game objective follows a certain style where players will be divided into two different teams and they have to take control of certain areas alongside elimination opponents. Those who eliminate and claim first are considered as winners.

It is a co-op multiplayer game which makes it more amazing as players can play with friends and team up together. It makes the game much more competitive and enjoyable. 

The complicated gameplay

The game mechanics has some criticism because of its complicated style. The way game action follows, it makes it hard to compare with other games. Each hero has different abilities and power ups as well as character base individual abilities. Both offensive and defensive abilities are different on different characters. 

With so many abilities, combination, it’s harder for a gamer to actually realize the game mechanics. The other problem which is in our hands about Overwatch is casting spells. Because of the huge hero pool with even more huge abilities, it is really hard to match up straightforwardly. 

In a bounded place, the PvP arena has designed to face each other randomly by roaming into each other. The process of elimination, players are allowed to use their abilities, tools and specific moves based on heroes. 

And, about the armory part, all the weapons are pretty cool and players can buy or collect different skins to dress them up to be even more of a just action figure. The game graphics are pretty good with a touch similar to Fortnite like. 

In game effects and graphics is pretty amazing, some may be a little messy when so many head to head action goes on. But surely gamer like a little explosive situation. Even though the game has a lot of fans who love all their cinematic and cut scenes, it doesn’t offer any journey like or open world roaming story line to explore, which can be considered as a little disappointment.

Developers done an amazing job!

Apart from all the critics or the praise, the game is really an amazing art from the developers. It is true that this would be really great if there was something more but the game itself is already one of the top choices from all over the world. From huge hero pool to eye catching actions, alongside graphics, this game offers more than everyone expected. The head to head battle with abilities and team coordination, all the strategies with friends and enemies make the game more than enough to spend time with pleasure. 

Maybe the only sad news is the game isn’t free. It starts from 20$ to a higher edition. But if you have bucks to give a shot then have a try to enjoy this awesome Overwatch game.

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