One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

By | February 18, 2020

One Punch Man: Battle against monster villains

“One Punch Man” is one of the most popular series in the world of anime. For the story, its about a bald guy who gained unimaginable power which doesn’t have any source to explain. Luckily, the bald isn’t a bad person rather he is someone who wants to fight for justice and to save the world.

Though it has a pretty interesting and exciting story line up but badass action is the main attraction of it. This overpowered hero smashes everyone with just one single punch. He also has some other moves like “consecutive normal punch” but the final move always ends with just 1 shot.

From anime world now “Bandai” has taken steps to release One Punch Man as a game compatible with platforms like pc, xbox and so on. Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd. is the honorable developer of the game where franchise and publisher are BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

The game is going to take the name as “One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows”. It amplifies the actual character named as Saitama who doesn’t want to show off his power. He wants to be someone who helps other from the shadow without taking any credit for that.

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Saitama’s strong and funny characteristics are spot on for the fans to love him. Now its time them to enjoy all the actions scenes playing his role.

War Against Evil Aliens:

Likely, the game is going to follow the main story of anime where different kind of aliens and creatures attack on earth. Honestly, to rule the world and using human race as food or slave are the reasons these vicious creatures attack on earth.  Interestingly, because of their extremely powerful physical and magical abilities make them unstoppable which makes their rampage going on.

To fight against them, Human society creates an organization named “Hero society”. There those who have powers or any special ability can join to fight against evils. Apart from that, fighting against all these unstoppable forces isn’t something anyone can accomplish. At that moment, Saitama steps up to help others. 

Certainly, there goes the story wild and one after another he faces formidable opponents but, in the end, Saitama defeats them with his ultimate single punch KO. 

The game, one punch man a hero nobody knows release date has been announced as 28th February, 2020. The game price starts from 25.99$ in steam and follows up to 49.99$ for additional features. 

Bring Justice Toward Future:

Surprisingly, the one punch man game will not allow gamers to play as Saitama all the time. Basically, gamers going to play as side or different characters like Genos, Mumen Rider, Atomic Samurai, Silver Fang and so on. They have to survive until the very last moment when Saitama will arrive to save everyone from a desperate situation.

From the trailer and demo, the game mechanics seems pretty good. One punch man a hero nobody knows pc requirement and optimization is pretty solid. And it helps to play smoothly without any problem. 

Surely, the opm game is full of so many combo moves and all the flashy cutscenes make the game even better. Sometime, gamers have to struggle against strong opponents. Even with low powered heroes but the game has balanced all of them together pretty well. 

Like a blessing, all the gamers can enjoy the beautiful and action character into a game. One punch man surely ready to provide the extreme taste of gaming. Its going to be released at 28th February, so get your gears up and be ready to some one punch KO actions.

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