Modmic vs Boompro Microphones: Review And Alternative

By | June 22, 2022

When it comes to picking a good microphone, there are a ton of possibilities. Only two examples of microphones with outstanding capabilities and distinctive features are the v-moda boompro and the antlion modmic. In this post, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step comparison of the V-moda boompro and the Antlion modmic.

Modmic vs Boompro Microphones

Modmic Uni

Check out this model from the Modmic lineup. Quality and adaptability are both offered by ModMic Uni. The new unidirectional noise-canceling mic on this analog microphone, which connects to any headphones, provides improved noise cancellation. The ModMic Uni is a flexible option that functions with practically any product on the market thanks to its universal 3.5mm termination.


Below, I’ll go through a couple of the product’s key benefits and features.

a microphone that cancels noise

ModMic Uni features our best-ever noise-canceling mic capsule, which has been redesigned for better audio performance. The cardioid capsule eliminates background noise and focuses on your conversation and gameplay, producing a clear and precise sound. Ideal for use in boisterous environments like open-plan workplaces.

Simple muted switch

Silence is never far away with the ModMic Uni. You may go from muted to unmuted mode with a simple flick of the thumb. It’s perfect for any unanticipated interruptions. You don’t need to bother launching any apps or making any configuration changes.

unproblematic attachment

Whether it’s your headphones, VR viewers, or any other smooth surface, all ModMics have the same distinctive, award-winning fastening technique. The best glue is safe and does not leave any harm or residue at all whether used with metal, plastic, wood, and other materials. Your microphone is simple to detach, twist, and temporarily remove thanks to the innovative magnetic closure mechanism.

good range of compatibility

Almost all high-quality headphones have a 3.5mm tip. To boost compatibility for all consoles, XLR interfaces, or USB inputs with any device featuring a microscope plug-on, we have designed a wide selection of accessories. It works with everything and can be attached anyplace.


  • using any headphones for voice chat
  • sound quality is good
  • Several accessories
  • sufficient compatibility


  • Managing microphone cables can be challenging.
  • You’ll need a headset splitter, which isn’t included, to work with the majority of gaming consoles and mobile devices.

Modmic wireless

Although the ModMic Wireless is expensive, the audio quality is really good for a headset mic, and the absence of additional wires is very useful. If you have the money, it’s a great way to turn your audiophile headphones into excellent gaming headphones.


Below are the ground-breaking qualities that make this product a wise purchase.

minimal lag

This is the key component that gives ModMic Wireless its superiority. The ModMic, in contrast to competing devices, dedicates the whole bandwidth to the microphone, resulting in an almost undetectable latency of just 34 milliseconds—5 times faster than the average Bluetooth device!

sound quality

Most headset manufacturers today provide narrow band audio for the microphone. Some only go down to 4khz. The frequency response range of the ModMic Wireless is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and it generates a complete 16bit, 48 kHz (DVD quality) signal. Simply said, that compares favorably to most wired microphones, if not better!

two microphones

Two different microphone modes are included in one bundle! While the unidirectional mode produces a crisp, clear output that removes unwanted background noise, the omni-directional mode provides a wider frequency response range and is best for recording and streaming.

One tap mutes

The built-in rapid mute quickly silences the microphone with the push of a button. You can tell if you’re muted by looking at the status indicator light on the USB receiver. When the mail comes, your pals won’t have to put up with your dog barking any more!

responsible use

With a 12-hour battery life and the option to charge while in use with the included micro USB cord, the ModMic Wireless is always ready for gaming, work, and anything in between.


  • a crystal-clear voice
  • dependable and rapid response
  • excellent construction
  • convenient carrying case


  • Expensive 12-hour battery might be inadequate for frequent users.

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Modmic USB

The clarity of the first USB terminated ModMic is unmatched! The ModMic USB comes with both our acclaimed omnidirectional transmission pod and a brand-new, high-quality noise-canceling unidirectional mic for loud environments. The most modern wired ModMic currently in existence is this one.


A few features come to mind that I’d want to list.

Mic adaptability

A device having built-in microphones is called a ModMic USB. With a simple switch, choose between a noise-canceling unidirectional cardioid pod for noisy environments and a full omnidirectional capsule for higher-quality audio recordings.

swift mute

A sleek and useful addition to the system is the contemporary digital mute switch. You can quickly muffle your microphone with the click of a button, and a red LED shows that it is muted.

improved USB

Amazing digital quality is delivered with the first original USB-powered ModMic. The sound characteristic was developed to perfectly capture vocals, making it ideal for broadcasting, streaming, or just casual conversation with friends. The Type-A termination is compatible with the majority of USB devices, including Playstation 4 and PC operating systems.


  • for skype, gaming, recording, etc., a clear voice
  • modalities that are only one way or both ways
  • Simple to use
  • intelligent and light


  • The bulkier and potentially unpleasant double cable

V-moda boompro vs modmic: things to consider 

A top-notch microphone for usage in a professional setting is the V-MODA BoomPro Microphone. Gaming, voice-overs, communication, and other applications that call for expert microphone technology are all well suited for the BoomPro. The Antlion Audio ModMic has worked hard to increase the bar for acceptable microphone quality. It is a microphone with noise cancellation that can be connected to any Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, or other device. It instantly improves the audio quality of your microphone after connecting to your headphones.


V-Moda Boompro

The 3.5mm connector at the top of the BoomPro divides the wire into the boom mic and the rest. The boom microphone is easily positioned and adjustable. That’s because the mic will occasionally drop slightly, which may or may not bother some people. The cable is 79″ (200 cm) long, and fabric has been wrapped around it to increase strength. A little stiffer than average is the cable. In several places, due to the way it was coiled inside its packaging, the cable would not fully straighten. The cable has minimal impact on movement as it is now, but I think it would straighten out more naturally if it were plusher.


The ModMic 5 is a quality-built gadget. Although a sizable pop filter is provided with the microphone, it hardly extends to cover the entire microphone portion of the boom mic. It doesn’t seem to have any negative effects on sound quality. You can switch between omnidirectional and unidirectional modes using a button in the microphone area. Strong plastic has been used to reinforce the boom mic’s shaft. It maintains its shape well and may be adjusted to the proper angle. The mic won’t fall out accidently if you turn your head too quickly thanks to the stronger magnet clasp compared to earlier models.


V-Moda Boompro

It works with practically any set of headphones thanks to a straightforward 3.5mm detachable cord. Gaming on consoles is a good fit for the microphone. For the PS4, no adapters are needed. Simply plug the 4-pole into the controller’s DualShock 4 headphone jack. It would be reliant on the Xbox One controller. The second-generation joystick with the 3.5mm port can be used without the first controller’s approved Microsoft headset adapter. It should be noted that you will still need to attach an amplifier if your headphones require more power.


The ModMic is a headphone device that works with all types of headphones. There is no requirement for a 3.5mm jack. The magnet clasp will stick to practically any surface unless you use headphones with a fabric covering. Yes, the open back headphones’ grills will adhere to the 3M glue. Similar to the V-MODA BoomPro, the ModMic 5 is compatible with everything as long as you use the proper adapter. All of the adapters are provided in this case, however if the adapter blocks prevent you from connecting to ports, new models can be needed.


V-Moda Boompro

Voices are clearly recorded by the microphone. Background noise will be audible because it is always operating in omni-directional mode. My keyboard typing test may be heard in the background, but it does an excellent job of blocking out the majority of outside noise. The background noises are all muffled except for a few mouse clicks here and there. This makes for a truly enjoyable experience during discussions and even video recordings.


When the mic switch is in the unidirectional position, the single inner mic will be in use. The majority of background noise will be eliminated by this microphone because it is aimed at the user. When I was typing on my mechanical keyboard and making loud mouse clicks, the microphone barely picked up any background audio. The location is perfect for a moderately noisy environment, yet there is a drawback. The user’s speech also sounds muffled or quiet. Only when it is absolutely important to reduce background noise during a chat session should this mode be used.

When the switch is set to omnidirectional mode, the two microphones at the mic boom’s base are turned on. It portrays your voice the most accurately of the two styles. Although muffled, background noises will still be audible. Despite my loud keyboard tapping and vigorous mouse clicking, my speech was uncomplicated. The mic should be set to this mode unless there is unpleasant conversation going on in the space.

Best alternative to Modmic and v-moda boompro

We discussed the two aforementioned models, but now let’s take a look at the options a consumer might have. On the market, there are a few modmic and boompro substitutes. Below is a discussion of a few of the best.

Blue Yeti USB Gaming Microphone

One of the greatest gaming microphones available is the Blue Yeti, and it is well worth the cost. You can produce studio-quality sound with your mobile device thanks to this clever and adaptable gaming mic.

It appears to be an older, more modern microphone and has a sleek aesthetic. It is constructed using a hinge mechanism that makes placement and customization straightforward. The hinge enables it to fold up for simple transit while the screws secure it in place.

This is a fantastic alternative for modmic. It is made out of a proprietary tri-capsule technology that makes it possible to produce crisp, clear, and clean grapes. All three condenser microphones are excellent choices for playing and streaming since they can record in any situation without noise disruption. The microphone can also be used in stereo, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and cardiovascular modes.

Seiren Elite Razor

The high-pass filter integrated into the Razer Seiren Elite is designed to stop vibration at lower frequencies. You’ll hear less of the noise coming from behind you or the bright hard drives. This guarantees accurate and clear recording. Due to its single dynamic capsule, this microphone is recognized as one of the best for gaming. You get a live broadcast experience thanks to this guarantee of little technological disturbance. There are no voice restrictions on the Razer Seiren Elite, and analog delay is measured.

A mute button that allows you to determine whether you are silent or not is another amazing feature. There is a digital/analog limiting system that is also offered with a high pass filter and distortion reduction. At the same price, this is a pretty nice boompro substitute on the market.

X Quadcast Hyperx

Because it works well for podcasts, streaming, interviews, and even recording, the HyperX QuadCast microphone is not just for gamers. The microphone has a vibration-resistant bracket and mounting adaptor that make it simple to use and install anyplace. It is the greatest modmic substitute available.

To prevent unintentional tea spills, it also has a touch to silent feature with an LED.

The microphone also has a headphone connector so you can hear your voice. This feature is excellent for streaming, podcasting, and playing music.


Modmic vs Boompro Microphones

Will my headphones be damaged by ModMic magnets or glue?

Magnets won’t harm your headphones in any way. The glue must not damage or leave a residue on hard surfaces and is an adhesive substance under the 3M brand.

Can I bend the microwave?

The ModMic is completely bendable and can take practically any logical shape. However, avoid bending the boom all the way to the microphone’s tip since this could damage the housing.

How can I connect wireless with ModMic?

In order to quickly turn off the blue lights on both devices, turn on the MODMIC receiver and the MODMIC Wireless button at the same time and hold both for five seconds. Release both buttons, and the lights should return to their original solid blue color if the combination was successful.

What are the devices compatible with v-moda boompro?

 3.5mm plug is suitable for iOS, Android, and most PC’s. The BoomPro Mic plug is compatible.

Final talk

The BoomPro is just very, very little inferior to the ModMic Omnidirectional in terms of audio quality. The ModMic has a premium price tag since it has two modes, better construction than their previous version, and a large range of accessories that can be switched between them. V-quality MODA’s is not in short supply, despite its continued low price. You may be confident that you are receiving a high-quality product in your hands because these two microphones have some of the best sounds on the market.

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