Gaming mouse vs regular mouse, do you really need a gaming mouse?

By | April 16, 2020

Gaming mouse vs regular mouse is not a cold comparison, and we are not doing so… Razor, Logitech, Steel House all create “gaming mice” that help increase your gaming performance in games that are heavily dependent on the mouse.

Especially when you get addicted to a game like Dota 2 or the First Passion Shooter, you might think,

If my mouse was a little better, could I have tipped the other competitors a little better?

Very logical question! So let’s see if the gaming mice have features that really help us to increase our performance or not?


Advantages of Gaming Mouse

Precision Optics

Many people say that the DPI (dot per inch) of gaming mice is the most important. In fact, the CPI (count per inch) is correct, but the DPI term has already become so familiar that these two terms can now be used instead of one.

When describing this feature, you can tell how quickly the mouse can read its relative position. A mouse with a higher DPI will get more “reads” per second, so your position in the game will be updated more frequently.

That is, in a mouse game with high dipping, you will be faster and you will not have to compromise on the exact target of the game.

Since most PC games depend on the mouse, the more accurate your mouse is, the more benefit you will have. Most gaming mice have the opportunity to change the DPI setting. You must use the correct DPI setting for the correct game.

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Extra Button

The second advantage of a gaming mouse is to calculate the extra button. In addition to an ordinary mouse-like the left button, right button, scrolling wheel, etc. It can also have at least 8 extra buttons starting at least 8 which you can map to different features.

Like the Razer’s Razer Naga, this mouse has 12 extra buttons right where you place your thumb over your finger. Many gamers who use this mouse may not even consider leaving it and returning to the normal mouse as they have become completely dependent on these extra buttons. Though there is the most expensive gaming mouse in the marketplace.

You can use these buttons as an MMORPG spell or the Weapon Change button in the FPIS game, or for any task that suits you.

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Benefits of Gaming Mouse—gaming mouse vs regular mouse

Increasing comfort and efficiency

If you have to play a game based on the mouse for more than an hour, the first thing that comes to mind is whether the mouse fits your hand properly. Typical grip designs for gaming mice are:

Palm Design:

 In this grip design, the palm or palm of your hand lies behind the mouse and all the fingers of the hand are spread over the entire length of the mouse.

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Cl Design:

In this design, your fingertips are directly behind the mouse, so that the fingers are directly on the mouse so that the fingers are easily mounted on the mouse button.

Finger Design:

In this design, the whole mouse is captured with your fingers and your fingers.

Although I’m not saying that only the efficiency of gaming mice available in the market increases efficiency, it should be kept in mind that these mouse maker companies spend a lot of money and time on the research and development of these mice.


However, gaming mouse vs normal mouse is the main key here! So for a long time, it is very natural for them to be able to determine what will work and what will not give continuous gaming. If you are looking for some best budget gaming mouse, then you need to search no further.

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Does gaming mouse make a difference?

Weight differentiation

In our last feature, we will mainly discuss the flip side of the gaming mouse vs regular mouse which plays a key role in enhancing efficiency. The flipside of a mouse determines how well the mouse fits in your hand, and how easily you can move it on the mousepad. The weight of the mouse is largely responsible for this.

You can adjust or increase the weight of most high-end gaming mice. Because it uses “removable” weight “.

Light Mouse is a good game for games where you have to move the mouse very fast in any game. Such as “RTS” genre games.

On the other hand, if you use a little heavy mouse in all the games you need a great aim, you will get great benefits. Such as first-person shooter games.

However, it all depends on what type of weight you feel most comfortable playing in a mouse.

That is, it is totally up to you whether it is heavy or light. Keep that in mind that, you need to benchmark your gaming device. Such as some affordable monitor will do the tricks.

When do we call a mouse a good gaming mouse?

On any computer mouse, you can click, scroll and so on. So on what basis is one mouse better than another mouse? How is a mouse considered as a gaming mouse? Gaming mouse vs regular mouse comparison is the main key here!

The first thing to keep in mind here is that customization, comforts, and functionality above all else.

When you’re targeting games, navigating, picking up weapons from inventory with your mouse, they are undoubtedly becoming an integral part of your gaming setup.

What is a gaming mouse? How does it differ from a regular mouse?

One of the most important qualities of a mouse is precision, how clearly you can move it, and its accuracy. In this case, the optical sensors and regulation of the mouse (as measured by DPI) play a major role. So, What Makes a Good Gaming Mouse? But when we are talking about the disadvantage of gaming mouse, then you can say that the only price is the issue here!

Laser vs. optical sensor

The basic feature of a basic desktop mouse is the optical sensor and an LED. Although the latest feature of the gaming mouse has been the arrival of the laser. But what about a laser?

Remember, the laser mouse sensor is also an optical sensor. Laser LEDs are being used instead of LEDs or infrared LEDs in all these mice.

This laser only helps to illuminate your mousepad. The use of these mice, in the case of soft mousepads that have a higher surface depth, provides better results.

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But one of the problems with this is that in such cases the surface depth of the light is extra bright because the mouse sensor receives a lot of unnecessary data input. This, in turn, leads to poor performance on the slower system.

Resolution (DPI)

How fast you move your mouse depends entirely on mouse resolution (DPI). This may give you the impression that only the mice with high DPI get good results. In fact, this is true for many gaming mice but again not true for all mice.

It may be that two mice have the same optical sensor, but one mouse may have higher DPI as it may be dividing one pixel into four. But it can also create problems if the optical sensor sends the wrong signal due to signal noise. In this case, it is seen that the mouse pointer or cursor moves, even if the mouse does not move.

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If this happens during gaming, it can cause huge irony. This is why DPI switching is available in many mice nowadays. This is called Adjust DPI on the fly. When moving to a game you need to move fast-moving low DPI and when moving target or target accuracies, use slow-moving high DPI.

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Ergonomics / Efficiency & Customization—gaming mouse vs regular mouse

Ergonomics means that your mouse’s efficiency and experience are very important. Because you can play a game for a long time. In the long run, you need to make sure the mouse is comfortable with your hand. You can easily move the mouse with your hand.

That is, mouse gripping should not be a problem. Good gaming mice have removable weights that you can increase the weight of the mouse by adding or removing it from the mouse. You can also determine what the center of balance will be in some mice.

Many mice have a lot of extra buttons that allow macro-related tasks such as Weapon Selection to blink. These macro features are very useful in RTS and MOBA genre games. Such as League of Legends or Dota 2.

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Why use a gaming mouse when playing games?

A gaming mouse is certainly not an essential element when playing games. Games can be played on any type of mouse. But yes there are some mice that gamers use in certain games, especially in Competitive Multiplayer games because it offers some special benefits. Let’s answer this question about gaming mouse vs regular mouse.

Usually, their input method is much faster. The use of these targets is more accurate than any target or action game. There is an extra button that will give you extra benefits.

Use of these is much more convenient than using the keyboard number or the name pad because you do not have to move your keyboard away from the keyboard that you are moving and control the camera. This is a very effective method, usually in MMO genre games.

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Can gaming mouse be used as normal mouse?

Yes! Of course, because in an ordinary mouse you will find all of the specialists in the gaming mouse. Which is to say, there is no reason why a gaming mouse cannot be used as a normal mouse. Rather, you will feel good when you use a gaming mouse.

Things to keep in mind when buying a gaming mouse

In many types of gaming mice, the market is thriving so beware! It’s best to avoid these cheap gaming mice. There may be a lot of color in these mice, LED lights with extra light, lots of extras, you can buy it at a low price and take it home when you sit down and understand what a big mistake you made! The fact that so many people show up is really all misery. You can’t get your desired output while gaming.

So if you want to buy a mouse, you must buy a good, recognized brand of the mouse. For example, Logitech, Steel Series, Corsair, Rockets or Razor have been making quality gaming mice for years.

Why should you use a gaming mouse when playing games?      

For these 5 reasons you need a gaming mouse

Customization and Software:

There is no end to the products you receive from these products. In all these gaming mice you will find a customizable Xtra button that gives you lots of benefits in-game. This is one of the best gaming mouse benefits.

You can also determine the sensitivity of these mice, which means that you can select the game as needed. It provides specific software with many mice, allowing you to customize customization. In addition, these mice can be weighed down to their desired weight. By doing this you can minimize the game as needed.


One of the main purposes of buying gaming mice is design. You must notice that its design is different from the normal mouse. Extra LEDs are used in this. However, the most important is the shape of the mouse, ergonomics. That is, how it uses your feelings or “Phil”. This is why gaming mouse designs are important.

Precision and Sensitivity:

Good gaming mice are definitely made with very precise and high-accuracies. With the software provided with the mouse, you get amazing results when you set the same sensitivity for each game. You don’t have to experiment with any annoying latency.

Sensitivity is the main difference between the gaming mouse and the regular mouse. It is also extremely sensitive to the slightest input. That means great work. It offers great convenience in any genre game.


This is one of the main reasons for every gamer when it comes to buying gaming mice. As a gamer, if you are a competitive multiplayer or single-player game, you should not sit in gaming for a while. Quite a long time you spend time in front of your gaming PC. So mouse grip is very important for you in this long gaming session.

Regular mouse play can cause unwanted pain in your hands, fingers, and palms.

Therefore, with the mouse “hand” Phil, Comfort is very important.

The gaming mouse is durable

Durability and longevity may be one of the major reasons for investing in or buying gaming mice. In normal mouse stay away from the gaming routine, it becomes disrupted by 2-5 months.

For heavy gaming, there is a need for heavy durables, i.e. durable mice, so that no damage will be done for 3-5 hours of heavy gaming daily. We’ve seen a comparison on gaming mouse vs regular mouse, now you have a decision to make!  

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