Fortnite Game–Royal rumble in action

By | February 24, 2020

You may be wondering if you can find some games which provide some exotic visual, action as well as hell of fun. Certainly, it’s pretty hard to find games like that. Most of the games usually state themselves with different genres. However, there are some games to fill up those multi-interest of gamer. Fortnite Game is one of them. 

Fortnite Game--Royal rumble in action

Fortnite: An arena to conquer 

Certainly, every game has something different to offer. Fortnite also has many unique features to offer gamers. It’s the most popular game in Epic games server. Now, let’s just talk about how this game is different and its features. 

Fortnite Game has an indie-like graphic which provides the game with a pretty amazing environment. Just like other battle royal games, here players are going to be dropped from an aircraft. Within a limited time, the safe area will be narrowed down. The players have to stay anywhere within the safe zone. But just staying isn’t the only thing here. While roaming, players will face each other and they have to eliminate them to stay alive. The last surviving person or team will be the winner of the match.

Apparently, players have a chance to play either alone which is called solo or duo, which is two person’s team. Even as a squad which is a four players’ team. About the game mechanics, it’s pretty amazing. The environment and structure are quite fascinating. 

Players can acquire weapons and items from drops, by eliminating players and even can craft from different accessories. It’s surprising that in Fortnite, players can use everything as crafting material. From tree to even a wall, everything. 

Even though it is quite unbelievable but in Fortnite, players can build walls. Yes, you have heard the truth. Even if it is a battle royal game, there is this different feature which allows players to build walls and use them. Probably a gamer will become a creative constructor with this feature! Don’t worry, just kidding!

Alongside with all these features, Fortnite has built its community and popularity among gamers because of its fun part. It’s absolutely challenging and funny. 

About the armory part of the game is something that is really huge. So many weapons and skins to color them as well as player skins to look cool. Weapons are not real-life weapons, rather they have weapons that make the game much enjoyable with some destructive fun. 

Fortnite Game–Next Level Gaming Career! 

Besides, even though the game has reached the top chart of the most popular game, it has some concerns about it. Being really addicted to this game is also a huge concern for the parents. Because of its indie-like graphics, it is also a popular game to kid gamers. So apparently, both teenagers and parents have worries about the game. Maybe very often gamers search for topics like, “fortnite review for parents” or something like “fortnite parent review”.

The game’s age appropriation pretty much suits all ages like teenage to adult. Addiction is a huge concern about this game as gamers really love to play this game and spend hours on it. It’s not like huge waste for everyone because the game has so many tournaments going on. Even they have one of the biggest yearly gaming tournaments. In 2019, the yearly spent prize is around 100,000,000$! 

Bugha, A 16 years old teenage gamers has won the 2019 solo world cup in Fortnite to claim 3,000,000$ prize. There are different categories and every one of them offers millions of Dollars as prize. Despite having so many complaints, creativity and dedication to this game can help to build up an honorable career for gamers. 

The Fortnite Game is available for all platforms like pc, Xbox, Ps4, Nintendo, and IOS/Android. Unbelievably, the game is free. So why not give it a try, you may like it. Maybe your creative mind is waiting just to have an opportunity and probably Fortnite is the game to hold you up, who knows!

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