Esports education–a career, it’s part of Education.

By | March 12, 2020

There was a time when people thought gaming was just time-wasting entertainment. For a long time, gaming has been a matter of fact for parents and a spot of attraction for children of all ages. Esports education becomes a real thing now!

Time has passed and like many revolutions, gaming has become something no one ever expected!

esports education
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Now gaming is one of the biggest industry sectors in the world. Gaming industries and sponsors invest billions of dollars regularly. The gamer community around the world is beyond imagination. People of all ages are connecting to gaming through one way to another. As the consequence follows up, many games are coming out every week, every month.

Because of the huge investment, now gaming has opened a whole new world of career reforming. Every week and month, there are many tournaments organized by industries.

These tournaments have a huge prize pool that can change anyone’s life anytime. One of the greatest and richest Dota 2 gamer Notail’s bio probably can explain it even more. Gamers earning billions of dollars from different tournaments. It can be considered as a career even better than many prestigious jobs. So, Esports education becomes a real thing!

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A step to the next level opportunity: Study on E-sport

Esports and gaming agency Tier One Entertainment, one of the biggest gaming talent agencies in the world. It has taken new measures alongside The Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) has taken a new measure “college degree in esports”.

Yes, it is true. College degree in Esports. They have already proposed their curriculum to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to be approved. It’s been said that it will be divided into two parts. They are like “game development” and “esports management”. The CEO of LPU has announced it through Instagram.

New Journey Begins: Certified Esports education

CEO Mr.Gutierrez has said that “The goal has always been to create more opportunities for gamers in Asia. If this curriculum gets approved, we won’t just be providing post career opportunities for gaming. But we will have a new generation of graduates ready to work in the esports industry”.

He also added further concern about their project. He said “I also want to take this time to personally ask all the future enrollees to please take every subject seriously. Plus, learn whatever you can learn from the experts in the industry. We’ll do our best to push this industry forward but we need more help. Study hard, train hard. We need you. See you in 4 years!!”

Considering all these, it is surely new dawn for gamers as new opportunity has opened for everyone. Now just not as a gamer, someone can build his/her life as an analyst in the practical sector as well. It will surely help the new generation to grow up knowing and learning about the biggest online platform E-sports.

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In the UK, Staffordshire University has started a 3 years bachelor’s degree program in Esports. Their students get practical knowledge by arranging and participating in the organization.

Esports education–a dream comes true!

They work to learn how an event can be arranged and everything about from the prize pool to the next planning. How to build a gaming community, making sure team participation, global advertisement, extra event programs, and so on.

Likewise, many different countries like the USA and UK have started offering game learning degrees and it can be expected that they will also add this kind of degree into their academic system as well. So, are you starting to dream as an E-sport specialist?

Why not! The knowledge and experience to learn about the biggest gaming industry are coming soon. Maybe, you are one of those next-gen Game Developers or maybe a Specialist!!!

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