Destiny 2—save your world, be the guardian

By | February 6, 2020

Destiny 2 is one of the few games that prove such enthusiastic features like no other game. A vast open world to roam with tons of missions to compete for is something every gamer want in a single player shooting game.

The game has been placed in a future world of science fiction with a touch of fantasy where humanity is at its stake. Guardians and warriors step up to protect the final race of humanity from other world creatures.

Destiny 2—battle against aliens

Destiny 2

Enemies are recognized as aliens/creatures from other world those who are not just flesh hungry animals, rather than they are so ahead in technology and equipped with their intelligence. Gamers have to fight against these species. There are so many highly powered up boss villains equipped with destructive gears.

The game is stated in moon and space which gives nostalgic feeling throughout the game with astronomical game environment. A world in open galaxy to explore as a guardian to protect the world, there is nothing more a gamer can wish for.

The game makes it even more amazing because it has co-op feature which allows gamers to do missions and explore the environment alongside with friends. Rather than just being a single player shooting game, Destiny 2 becomes a co-op multiplayer shooting game with missions. A complete package in different way.

The game walkthrough follows a story where a destructive alien species lands on moon to attack the human world and conquer it. As a guardian, gamers have to follow instruction from advising in-game supportive characters to reach out the mystery behind the villains and their intelligence. With information and progress, all the secrets and new path will be revealed.

Be the Guardian!

The journey becomes more amazing when players can get so many resources along with mission completion even from roaming or exploring. Most of the things will be gained from mission but the vast space world game environment has a lot to offer. Main missions and side missions both has significant importance to enjoy the game.

In the armory section there is a huge collection of so many exotic weapons. Crafting, collecting and even as mission reward gamers can get so many exotic weapons and each of the gives a different feeling as well as facilities. Damage variance, effect variance with some ability features even effectiveness against different villains or troops proved a large weapon choice option interesting. Destiny 2 download is available for pc and other platforms also.  

This game mechanics is pretty interesting as players will get astronomical feeling throughout all the in-game movements and shooting. Players are capable of jumping pretty high and the weapon recoil is really cool. Like all the other shooting games, it is also based on so much enemy killing mechanics.

Weapon reloads are so fast as well as weapon changing which give perfect combination to enter in a death bathe match. With some extra features like shield, protection, support from team, its complete package to be a first-person shooting game.

The game is free now but there are two DLC package which can be bought to get extra mission and storyline. Apart from that, the game is free and so much enjoyable. With some upcoming updates, Destiny 2 is expected to be one of the most favorite choices for gamers.  Give it a try, you may like to destroy some crazy aliens along with your friends to be the guardian of Earth.

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