Bose Headphones Not Turning OFF/ON

By | June 21, 2022

Bose headphones, like any other brand of headphones, can break, lose their connection, have sound issues, or have other issues that influence how you listen to music.

Some issues may appear so serious that you believe the only way to cure them is to replace them — especially if they are still under warranty. But what happens if Bose’s guarantee on them expires? Does this imply that they should be discarded?

Certainly not! The majority of issues with Bose headphones may be resolved using simple techniques. You’ve come to the right place if you can’t turn your Bose headphones off or on. Because the solutions to your problem will be provided in this post.

Bose Headphones Not Turning OFF/ON

How to solve Bose Headphones Not Turning OFF/ON

Your Bose headphones won’t turn off or on for a variety of reasons. For example, a firmware issue, a dead battery, a faulty power button, and so on.

You can also use the same techniques to fix Bose headphones that won’t switch on or off. Each problem, on the other hand, has its unique set of remedies. We’ll go over all of the options in detail in this article.

Reset Your Bose Headphones not Turning ON or OFF

Any problem with your Bose headphones can be quickly resolved by pressing the reset button. It resets the device, removing any malware it may have.

This method of resetting your headphones works in both circumstances where they won’t switch on or off. To reset your Bose headphones, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect all of the cords from your Bose headphones.
  • While plugging the charging cord into the right earcup, hold down the power/Bluetooth button on your headphones. The power indicator LED will blink twice.

Remove your finger off the buttons after two seconds. The power to your Bose headphones has been restored.
If it doesn’t work, repeat the procedure to reset the headphones.

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Bose Headphones not Turning ON

Keep an eye on your Bose headphones’ battery life. When the amber LED light blinks, it means the battery is being charged.

When the green light stays on, the battery is fully charged. Check to see if the charging equipment is operating if you don’t see these indicators. Consider the following factors if your Bose headphones won’t switch on:

  • Both the charger and the headphones must be securely connected.
  • While charging headphones via the PC, the computer should not be in sleep or hibernation mode, and its battery should not be drained.
  • You can charge your headphones directly from the wall rather than through your computer.
  • By plugging in the charging wire, you may see if it works. Use a separate USB charging cord to ensure that electricity is supplied.
  • Check the wall socket for a power outlet and plug the charger into a separate power source.
  • To ensure that your headphones have the most recent firmware, go to the Bose website.

Use a Compatible USB Charger for Your Bose Headphones

Use a genuine Bose charging cable with your headphones. It says how many amps the USB charger for your Bose headphones can handle on the charger. The units of measurement are amps (A) or milliamps (mA) (mA).

Each charger that comes with a different Bose headphone model has a different number. The charger and the headphones should both have around the same number of amps.

Your Bose headphones will not charge properly and will not turn on if you do not do so. Reading the manual or visiting the Bose website will tell you how much power your headphones can withstand.

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Fully charge the battery

The fact that the battery in your Bose headphones is dead is a major factor in why they won’t switch on. You believe the battery is fully charged, but it is not.

When you turn on the headphones, a voice informs you of the remaining battery life. Allow at least half an hour for your Bose headphones to charge. Try turning on the headphones once more.

Examine the Battery

If none of these methods work to switch on your Bose headphones, the battery is most certainly dead. As a result, you’ll need to get your headphones repaired. It’s time to replace the battery.

By contacting Bose directly, you can file a complaint. If your device is still under warranty, you can request a refund or a new one. You can replace the battery on your own or with the help of a professional.

Bose Headphones not Turning OFF

There are a variety of reasons why your Bose headphones are stuck on and won’t switch off.

One typical cause is a software issue, which can be resolved by updating the firmware or, as previously said, resetting the headphones.

However, there could be a hardware issue, such as if the power button isn’t working. As a result, something needs to be done about it.

Instead of turning off your Bose headphones, update the firmware on them.

If you can’t turn off your Bose headphones, the firmware may need to be updated. The firmware may be updated via the Bose Connect+ app.

This smartphone app works with most Bose headphones models. Follow these procedures to update your firmware:

Connect your headphones to the Bose app on your smartphone.
The app will immediately install the new firmware update once you connect.
It’s possible that this will take more than an hour. Your phone’s screen will then display a “Update” icon.
The update will be sent to your headphones in a few minutes if you click this icon.

At this moment, try not to switch them off. Once the update has been installed, simply turn them off normally.

By visiting to the Bose website, you may quickly upgrade the firmware on your Bose headphones. Here’s how it all went down.

To upgrade the firmware, follow the on-screen instructions and connect a micro USB cord to your device.

Bose headphones that won’t turn off or on may usually be fixed by updating the firmware. If it still doesn’t work, check and fix the power button on your headphones.

The Power (OFF/ON) Button must be repaired.

Pay particular attention to the “OFF/ON” button on the Bose headphones. You won’t be able to turn off your headphones if it’s loose or broken.

The contacts on the power button break as they straighten out. The button is no longer functional. To repair the power button, follow these steps:

Step 1: Take apart the right earcup.

  • Remove the cushion/pad and the fabric that covers the inside of the right earcup. Because this covering is glued on, you must take it off.
  • It will show you three screws that hold the earcup together on the inside. A screwdriver with a Philips head is required to remove these screws.
  • Remove the top component of the earcup with the Bose logo from the earcup.

Step 2: Replace the faulty power button

  • The power button will be on the circuit board on the inside. You may notice that it is broken and inoperable.
  • Remove the small square plastic component that is generally attached to the power button. To mend it, use glue.
  • To keep the square in place, wrap a tiny length of metal wire around it. On the circuit board, replace the button.
  • It’s also possible to replace the power button. It’s available in a local hardware store.

Step 3: Place the Metal Housing beneath the Power Button and secure it.

  • If the power button on the board is good and not broken, it’s conceivable that another component on the circuit board is malfunctioning.
  • Remove the power button by prying it open and pulling it out. A metal enclosure with two rails that four metal prongs slot into is located behind the power switch.
  • Because these tracks have flattened over time, prongs no longer fit well in them. As a result, the power button is inoperable, and you are unable to switch off the headphones.
  • Simply bend them back towards the center. Now check to see if the button is a good fit.

Step 4: Disconnect all of the components.

  • Return all of the parts to their proper places. Tighten the screws on the cover to close it.
  • Replace the pad on the earpiece.
  • By clicking the power button on your Bose headphones, you can now turn them off.

Final Words

Even the greatest Bose headphones have problems turning on or off at times. With the knowledge in this article, you should be able to diagnose and repair the problem with your Bose headphones at home.

You won’t even need to buy a new headset or take it to a repair shop. You’ll need to take your headphones to a repair shop if they still won’t switch on or off. If your Bose headphones are fresh new, you can contact the company for assistance.


Bose Headphones Not Turning OFF/ON

How do you turn off Bose Quietcomfort 35 headphones?

Here’s how to go about it:
Wait for the app to finish searching for available Bose Bluetooth® products.
To access the product settings menu, tap the Settings gear icon. (…
Toggle the Standby Timer on or off.
Select the amount of time you want your headset to turn off before it shuts off on its own.

Why are my Bose headphones connected but not working?

On Android devices, check the Bluetooth® settings to see if Phone audio and Media audio are turned on. You can turn on or off in-call and streaming audio for each Bluetooth speaker or headset on many Android devices. This will stop phone or media sounds from playing on a Bluetooth device that is connected to it.

Do Bose headphones automatically turn off?

Open the Bose Music app and connect or choose your headphones to alter the Auto-off setting. Select Settings. Tap Auto-Off under POWER.

What is Bose standby timer?

When the headphones are not in use, the standby timer saves the battery. Use the Bose® Connect app to set up and personalize the standby timer.

Why won’t my Bose Soundsport turn on?

At both ends of the charging cable, disconnect and reconnect it.
Unplug both ends of the USB cable and reconnect them to the headphones and the USB power source to verify they are securely linked.

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