Best Gaming Mouse buying guide 2020—under $50

By | April 8, 2020

Many hobbyists buy a good mouse, but after buying them, they fail to satisfy the mouse’s nostrils. However, it is not really easy to buy a mouse or GPU.

It is a misconception that the mouse is better if you have more money. Today this Best Gaming Mouse buying guide 2020 will give you a basic idea of ​​what to look for when buying a mouse.

Reading this article will hopefully make the right decision the next time you go to buy a mouse.

Three things to look for when buying a mouse are Shape, Sensor, Size, and Weight.

The shape of a mouse is quite important

In this place, everyone mainly makes mistakes and has negative ideas about the mouse. Not everyone’s hand structure, size is not the same, but not everyone’s mouse capture method.

There are basically three types of grip styles that are Palm, Claw, Fingertip. The shape of the mouse varies depending on these three types of grip.

The figure below shows what kind of design mouse you want for a grip.

Most people in our country are Palm gripers but not less than Claw gripers. On the other hand, the number of fingertip grippers is relatively low and in the case of mouse choice, there is no difference between them and Claw gripers.

Now, suppose you went to the market to buy a good mouse where everyone recommended you buy the g402 which is undoubtedly a good mouse.

But you are a palm griper. Then after buying, you will find that the Mouse does not fit well in your hand.

It’s a bit loud but pressed on the two sides that don’t fit with your normal mouse grip so you can’t be satisfied with buying this mouse.

But if you used to have a good palm griper mouse gigabyte XM300 / Razer DA type in that place then it would not be a problem. So, when buying a mouse, one must first keep an eye on this issue.

The sensor is the main core of a mouse

The importance of a mouse in online gaming is no less than that of a GPU. In this case, lag, tracking issue, turning problem, unwanted acceleration may occur if the sensor is not used with a good sensor mouse.

These problems will hinder your ability to show your full potential in the game. For this reason, it is best to know what kind of sensor is used in the mouse before purchasing it.

Most non-branded mouse companies do not use good sensors. So for a good sensor, it is best to use a branded mouse.

As a4tech bloody v3m has a nice, good build quality and comfortable palm grip mouse but its sensor is not good so gaming with this mouse has to get good speed.

So it is very important to have a good sensor with a grip in the mouse.

Size & Weight of the mouse is quite necessary to consider

Mouse reviews look good so if you buy the mouse, but if you find that it is smaller or larger than your hand, then playing with it can be costly.

Size of the mouse

In order to avoid this problem, the size of the mouse should be better shown in the second picture.

Again, the mouse becomes distressed for those who are low dpi users, while those with high dpi users find it difficult to maintain pointer balance in the light mouse.

90-100gm is assumed to be the weight of an ideal mouse. In view of this, the mouse should be able to see whose weight we want.

1. Razer Deathadder Elite


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Its body is ambidextrous, that is, it will fit in both right and left hands. However, if left-handed, you have to configure the click button again from Windows.

The body of the mouse is made of light but slightly hard plastic. When the mouse is light, I like it a bit stronger.

The mouse is about the same size as my razor lancehead but slightly smaller in width. And there was the advantage of griping the design by tapping a little through the middle.

You will see on the mouse a scroll wheel made of rubber that looks good to scroll. There is no annoying filing between the fingers.

Under the scroll wheel, you will find the DPI change button that allows you to go to the four-stage DPI level. On the back of the mouse, you will see the sensor which becomes illuminated when RGB is run.

Let’s finally get to the overall performance of the mouse. There was no Competitive Shooter game on my PC. So absolutely high profile FPS games were not tested.

Although it has been tested through Doom Singles and Multiplayer and GTA Online. Also in the single-player game was The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition.

While there are no differences between playing single-player games

While there are no differences between playing single-player games and GTA online, there is a slight difference in response time of this mouse from razor mouse when playing single and multiplayer games of Doom.

When you go to play a fast-paced shooting game, the brain automatically prepares itself for fast response time. Clicking on the razor mouse reveals the latency that is more noticeable in the monitor’s output after clicking on this mouse.

It turned out that I shot a daemon before the fireball came out of his weapon. The razor shot fired from the gun at the right time, but in this case, it was seen in milliseconds that after the fireball was fired from the enemy’s weapon, my gun was fired.


  • Great-Accuracy 16,000 DPI Ocular Sensor
  • Immersive, adjustable Chroma RGB Lighting
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Beamed, Rubberized Roll Wheel for Supreme Precision


  • You need to surrender your privacy to program your mouse
  • Account registration is quite a mess

2. Logitech G305


Buy From Amazon

The fastest gaming mouse Logitech G305 is available at the present market. The Logitech G605 Hyperion Ultra-Fast “FPS Gaming Mouse” can track up to 5 inches per second.

It is used by Logitech’s own Delta Zero technology, which will bring extraordinary accuracy to the use of the mouse. Will remain with 03 years replacement warranty.        

The speed of this excellent mouse will really impress you. With this extraordinary mouse, you can play any game without any lag.

This mouse is wireless

Another interesting thing is that this mouse is wireless, which means no extra wires are needed to use the mouse.

The mouse has six separate buttons, which you can program at any time, at your own convenience.

These buttons will give you the added benefit of retaining control of the game on your own. You do not have to use separate third party software but the company has its own software for this mouse.

From a security point of view, the software on this mouse can guarantee you maximum security. As with any type of game, this mouse will adapt very well to itself.

And since you can carry the mouse anywhere in the bag, you can play with your mouse at a friend’s house without any difficulty.


  • This mouse is very portable and wireless.
  • Additional security with software
  • Programmable button


  • There are some complaints about malfunctioning
  • It’s hard to control the sensitivity

3. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse


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This is quite exclusive with the true move capacity to ensure the highest performance. The gravity centre is 256 which makes it easier to move and adjust in your hand. The grip is quite handy and highly durable. You can even adjust your lift with this mouse. Plus the sensor is also amazing with the stop and run capacity. It means if you lift the mouse, the mouse will stop running! The gaming with the mouse is pretty exclusive which gives you immense pleasure!


  • 12K CPI
  • 350 IPS
  • Amazing tracking system
  • Split trigger


  • The issue with the rubber adhesive
  • Not good for a long time

4. Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse


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With excellent sensors and 400+ IPS speeds, this mouse can be at the top of your list of favourites. Also, 16,000 max DPI and Onboard Memory are all getting some great features at such a low price, which is also a joy for gamers.


  • Amazing sensor
  • Arm processor included which is a blast
  • It has 8 buttons that you can program any time
  • Great DPI


  • Some sort of irregular mouse
  • Design is outdated

5. Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse – Black


Buy From Amazon

If you are looking for an advance level gaming price to meet all of your needs, then this best gaming mouse claw grip might come very handy. All the other important features like DPI, speed, software are quite amazing in this classically designed mouse!


  • The sensor is 6000 dpi
  • Windows 7 or higher system required
  • It’s popular for the consistency
  • Highly optimized for gaming


  • Some have complained about mouse wheel
  • Rough with a medium hand

6. SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse


Buy From Amazon

The truemove3 with 12,000 CPI and 250 IPS makes this mouse unparalleled. And the OLED light that comes with the mouse is quite amazing and soft for the eye! This is pretty optimized for all time of games you are playing right now! The company boasts about the precision click and sturdiness combination.


  • 60 million precise clicks
  • You can swap the sensor
  • High-intensity mouse
  • Button mapping is a blast!


  • Sometimes it got disconnected
  • It’s quite heavyweight!

7. Corsair M65 Elite – FPS Gaming Mouse


Buy From Amazon

The durability of this mouse is really unquestioned! It can withstand all the normal wear and tear while you got pretty excited in the gameplay! This best gaming mouse for geometry dash has the ability to remap or custom all of your clicks. The company boasts about 50 million clicks!


  • Top-notch quality mouse
  • The weight system is tunable
  • You can adjust it to suit your grip
  • Sniper button to make your shot pretty precise and accurate 


  • There are some complaints about the left click
  • Some Customer questioned about the reliability

8. Kain 120 Aimo RGB PC Gaming Mouse – Black


Buy From Amazon

This is called titan click which really stands for its own pet name! It can provide you with low tolerance in every click. The firmware is quite amazing and intelligent. Moreover, the shape is versatile which comes handy for every type of hand shape. When it comes to the grip, you don’t have to worry about losing the mouse while you are in the intense moment of your game.  


  • The design is quite pretty
  • Best gaming mouse double click
  • Lightest gaming mouse
  • Comfortable hold


  • Not the best gaming mouse wireless
  • best gaming mouse under $100

9. Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Gaming Mouse


Buy From Amazon

This is one of the best gaming mice for geometry dash which ensures the top-notch performance with a 16K sensor. The 16k DPI enables high consistency and accuracy.  The button can be programmed with the custom button.

Moreover, the lighting can be also adjusted to suite your eyes!


  • The weight system can be adjusted
  • Top-notch performance ensured!
  • RGB lighting
  • Up to date design


  • Some have issued with the drop shipping
  • Click and double click issue

Here are some tips for buying a gaming mouse:

1. Don’t buy a mouse after seeing RGB:

The first mistake we make is that when buying a gaming mouse, RGB buys the mouse. There is no gaming mouse for lighting only.

Most importantly, though there are many Chinese brands now that are marketed only with RGB. Other Mouse Advantages firstly look for additional mouse RGB lighting.

2. Learn about mouse sensors:

Mouse sensors are an important part of the mouse. That is to say, most of the work is done with mouse sensors. And when the mouse sensor is destroyed, the mouse is inactive.

In addition, the adjustable DPI features remain.

Usually good branded relatively expensive mouse such as ASUS, Cooler Master Etc. Brands have good quality sensors and adjustable DPI features that can be modified by DPI of the software.

The DPI here is Dotts Per Inch. This is how sensitive the mouse is. in other words, the mouse’s polling rate depends on the good sensor which indicates the response of the mouse. Pixart, Hero, Mercury, Truemove, etc. are some of the best quality mouse sensor brands.

3. Whether the mouse fits your hand:

 On the other hand, you must check whether the mouse is moving with your ergonomics or your hand. If you do not buy the mouse according to the size of the hand, you may have trouble running the mouse later.

The position of your hand and the grip depends on the size of the mouse. If you are left-handed, the mouse should be checked to see if your left hand is suitable.

4. What kind of primary mouse button?

The mouse should see the 5 buttons, such as right-click, left-click and middle mouse or scrollbar. In this case, most mouse makers are not called companies.

But branded companies say their mouse button is made of some kind of switch. The mouse button is the most popular Omron switch that is widely used.

5. Whether there are additional benefits:

As an added advantage, the mouse should be able to control any additional button or mouse with the software.

Moreover, It is also possible to lose or increase weight, whether the mouse wire is breaded or wrapped in cloth.

6. Budget:

Finally, the budget matters. Generally, the price of a gaming mouse in the market is after the price of fifteen thousand. A4tech Bloody Series mouse usually start at $50

Apart from that, The better-branded mouse can cost more than that. However, depending on the brand, model, and features of the mouse.

The above points should be verified by the gaming mouse. Also, reviews on Facebook or social websites and discuss whether the gaming mouse should be.

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