Apex Legends–A Battle Royale Game From Origin

By | February 14, 2020

Apex Legends is a battle royale game from the origin. This is probably one of the very few games in which gamers can get free from the origin. It’s kind of similar to the battle royal games like Pubg, Fortnite, Realm Royale, and some others.

Apex Legends best Battle Royale Game
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The game follows basic game mechanics like another battle royales as players will be dropped from Airplane in a map. There are few maps to play in. Players can land on different places by themselves with a parachute.

Moreover, players can play single, double and even within a squad of 3 men to play co-op.

In-game, there are different tactics to follow. Different game heroes have different abilities. To build up a match-winning performance, a team has to combine strategy based on hero abilities and their usage.

There are some amazing maps in Apex Legends

All the maps have been designed to be used by different hero abilities and tools. Apex legends’ maps almost look alike like the Titanfall map but with different game perspectives.

As all gamers know, battle royale games are also a different kind of survival game. And, Apex Legends is no different than that. The player/Team has to eliminate another player/team to be the last surviving player/team and win a match.

In the armory part, Apex Legends offers more complicated details and options to choose from. Different weapons have different facilities and well as different ammo structure. Energy blast, UV rays, bullets and much more. All weapons have different damage scale as well. Short-range, long-range. And even balanced weapons available to build both an offensive and defensive strategy.

The journey Begins!

In-game, Apex Legends is more like a journey like a battle royale game. Plus this is different than other battle royale games as well as more like a battle in a next-generation sci-fi world. Jumping around, teleporting from place to place, Apex Legends offers more than just a survival battle.

Plus, there are some different game modes which give quite a different taste. Every season and often for some new occasion introduce some new in-game modes. In those modes, players will get new missions or some different achievement options.

Apex Legends offer a vast amount of skin and weapon upgrades. The player can get new outfits for different heroes by playing matches and gaining XP. Following the same way, players can get skins for their weapons as well. All these decorations don’t have any in-game effect rather than looking cool.

There is some different hero pool in Apex. Let’s have a look at them, Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Crypto, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, Wattson, and Wraith are the heroes you can play with. Their abilities are differentiated in three parts like passive ability technical ability and an ultimate ability.

Describing abilities, passive abilities have no cooldown, technical abilities to use as an advantage for team combination. And when it comes to the ultimate ability, it has the longest cooldown for some special attack or facility.

Alongside so many praises the game also has some critics for their game mechanics and map build up. Rather than a comfortable battle royale game, Apex has so much complicated map design as a Sci-fi world.

Which has made the game much more difficult? So many weapons and their usage also make it hard to acknowledge about armory. Even high-level skins have so high requirements which are pretty hard to gain.

Hero’s got different abilities in this game!

Heroes having different abilities make the game less enjoyable. Because a battle royal game suits much better in a co-op adventure like game. It’s even harder to make a strategy for a fight where there is so much concern about hero abilities. So only accuracy and awareness in a battle royale game is not enough to go the same way in Apex.

Apart from all the critics and praise the game has up and down in all aspects like good optimization. Fortunately, with some odd game mechanics, it is one of the popular games recently going on. More importantly, it’s free which gives a reason to gamers for a try and enjoy for free.

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